Birchwood Grove CP School

Year 6 Global assemblies

Our Year 6 have shared some fantastic assemblies with us this term linked to local, regional or global issues. These may be linked to anniversaries of events, something in the news or something linked to our learning. 

See some of our brilliant assemblies from this year below:


How can we change our plant by Maisie & Becca:



The internet by Martha, Jacob, Abi & Summer:



Sea Life by Emma, Connie, Isabella & Zara:



Climate Change by Natty & James:



Refugees by Ruby, Kitty & Freddie B:



Black Lives Matter by Tiana, Emmie & Bethany:



Litter by Abi, Emma & Freddie (senior green ambassadors):



Respect to football players by Becca, Maisy, Maisie & Louis:



Basics in Music by Jacob & Ryan:



Child Poverty by Bella, Chloe & Bea B:



Resilience in sport by Tom, Teddy, Olly & Ben: