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Sports Premium Funding

Sport Premium Statement for Birchwood Grove

The Sport Premium is an allocation of additional funding from the Department for Education, given to every school with primary age children to support the development of Physical Education, School Sport and Competition. This money is ring-fenced and is due to be provided for the next two academic years.

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, as well as the impact this is having on pupils.

Sports Premium Funding 2018-19

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Sports Premium Funding 2016-2017 

The impact of 2016 – 2017 spend can be demonstrated by:




Lessons learnt

Sports coaches teaching lessons and clubs across the school.

This included football coaches for KS1 and KS2 clubs, cricket coaches for KS2 clubs and Year 4 lessons.

- Children received expert coaches leading football KS1 and KS2 clubs, cricket coaches for KS2 clubs and Year 4 lessons.

- This led to increased subject knowledge as teachers observed lessons being taught

- Increased participation in events and trials

- Professional coaching led to achievements in football and cricket competitions (county winners).


- Registers for clubs of who attended

- Teacher's subject knowledge

- Achievements and awards

- Gold Kite Mark achieved

- 12 Level 1 School Games competitions entered

- Use coaches to target areas in need of subject knowledge and expertise (including hockey and dance).  

Provision of a wide range of sports and active clubs across the school (including dance mats/Boccia).

- Greater number of sporting/fitness  activities to choose

- Increased enthusiasm towards sport from all children

- A high number of children participated in a sporting activity/festival or competition

- Clubs used to target specific groups who do not attend extra-curricular clubs


- 74% of children took part in extra-curricular clubs in 2016-2017

- Children's opportunities to take part in festivals and competitions

- Registers for clubs

- Gold Kite Mark achieved

- Coordinate the extra-curricular clubs to maximise school resources (e.g. use of the school hall/ballcourt).

Joining Mid-Sussex Active (our local School Sports Partnership) which provides competitions, festivals and training events.

- Staff across key stages will have been able to attend gymnastic, dance, athletics and tennis games.

- Improved quality of teaching observed by subject leaders.

- Improved confidence of teaching staff in all areas of PE.

- Winning award for "competitive edge" in 2016-2017.

- Teacher's subject knowledge

- Participation in competitions

- Audit subject knowledge of staff to identify areas for development and strengths

Inclusion in Sport


- Inclusive sport resources purchased (for example, Boccia games, basketball hoop).

- Inclusive sports day.

- Greater confidence and enthusiasm for sport and games displayed in school.

- Children are able to attend sporting and adventurous activities that previously would have been inaccessible.

- Inclusion of children with different needs and backgrounds

- Increased participation in sport across the school.

- Majority of pupils attended a sporting event (festival or competition) in Year 6.

- Inclusive events participated (Boccia)

- Work alongside SENCo to identify needs and strategies to address them in P.E.

- Continue developing Jumpahead intervention for gross motor skills.

Sports Leaders

- We have a group of Young Play Leaders who support others in being more active at lunchtime, especially those who do not join in the traditional activities.

- We have trained a group of our Sports Leaders to become our Crew. They have planned and delivered multi-skills to Year 2 and indoor athletics to Years 3 and 4; thus increasing competitive opportunities to our children.

- Our Sports Crew have officiated and scored at local primary school competitions.

- Visits from a range of secondary Sports Leaders provided multi skills and indoor athletics opportunities for our Young Playleaders.

- Secondary Sports Leaders supported competitions we went to, providing officials, organisers, team managers etc

- 56% of children were involved in leading sport or officiating a sporting event.


- Targeted children to participate in extra-curricular activities.

- Greater range of intra-school competitions available, meaning that more children have the opportunity to learn from competing.

- Sports Crew members develop leaderships skills and responsibilities away from competing.


- Sports crew impacted on secondary school as they wanted to increase opportunities for young leaders.  


- Sport Leader led activities provided great role models and 16 of our children took on Sports Crew responsibilities - which were organised into different roles. 

- Awarded the Gold Kite Mark

- Children involved in leadership, competitions, range of out of school hours activities.




Resourcing P.E

- High quality resources have been purchased to support the delivery of quality P.E. and games within the school.

- Teachers are able to provide better opportunities for pupils with curriculum and extra-curricular sport (observed by Subject Leader). 

- Equipment for adventurous activities/orienteering are developed

- Pupils show greater enthusiasm as a result of being provided up to date equipment. 

Improved teaching and learning in P.E.


- This needs to be completed annually with an audit of resources and ensure all resources are used well.