Birchwood Grove CP School

Sports Crew

Written by Sports Crew Teams 2018/2019

Welcome to the Sports Crew page. This page has all the information about Birchwood Grove Sports Crew and what we do. Our school’s Sports Crew are Year 5 and Year 6 children, working with the school to encourage healthy bodies and sports! We help the school with organizing and reporting P.E. and sporting activities. We are all included as part of Sports Crew, in one way or another. We want to help children improve their fitness and boost their love of P.E. Let’s meet the team!

Media Team

Our job is to let the school and the community know about the different competitive sporting activities we do at Birchwood Grove. These activities include football, chess, basketball and many more! We also take photos to show people what we have been doing in P.E!  The Media Team collects information from matches and sporting events, then writes a match report using the information (please see PE competitions and results page). At Birchwood Grove, we encourage children to have healthy bodies and physical strength.

Clubs and Break Time Activities Team

Our job is to help the younger children to get more involved in different sports and help them to have a better play time. We get the younger children more involved in after school activities, including netball, football and other exciting events. We run play time games that teach children key skills and help them to grow their confidence in P.E. As well as play time, we help out at after school clubs making sure children are safe and happy. 

Events and Festivals Team 

Throughout the year, the Events and Festivals Team provide a session planned and taught by us to each year group. We talk to the teachers and, based on what they have been learning about in PE, we run a lesson with different activities to do with their topic. Each half term, we teach a different year group and we hope this will develop their skills, sporting abilities and confidence.

Organisation and Equipment Team

Our team organises and tidies up the sport equipment every Tuesday and Thursday. We do things such as put away misplaced equipment, pump up new netballs and footballs and help teachers gather equipment for their lessons. In the summer, we focus on the outside P.E. shed. We encourage all children to make sure P.E. equipment is well looked after. We love being part of Sports Crew, we hope more people apply for this role in the future, we definitely have a lot of fun.