Birchwood Grove CP School

Religious Education

At Birchwood Grove our vision for Religious Education is to develop children’s skills of enquiry, reasoned argument and reflection.

Religious Education contributes significantly to children’s education by provoking challenging questions not only about beliefs about God but about how these beliefs affect us as well as questions about the meaning and purpose in life. It engages and encourages children to explore issues of right and wrong and what it means to be a respectful member of society.

Engaging and stimulating religious education helps to nurture informed and resilient responses to misunderstanding, stereotyping and division. It offers a safe place within which difficult questions can be asked, explored and evaluated, leading to an informed, reflective and personal answer.

Through learning about and from religions and other world views, we allow our children to consider different answers to these questions in local, national and global contexts. Using the skill of evaluating the value of wisdom from different sources the children are provided the opportunities to develop and express their insights in response, and to agree or respectfully disagree. With this approach we equip our pupils with knowledge and understanding of a range of views so that they can participate positively in our diverse society, articulating clearly and coherently their personal beliefs, values and experiences while respecting the right of others to differ

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