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Parent teacher association (PTA)

Parent Teacher Association is run by a voluntary committee of parents and staff. They give their time generously to organise and run a calendar of events throughout the year – discos, quiz nights, Bake off’s, summer and Christmas fayres and many more. Through these events, the parents and staff raise thousands of pounds each year. These funds have provided Birchwood Grove with a variety of resources; such as: IPads, a book vending machine, science resources and whole school playtime equipment and more.

If you have any suggestions for fund raising events or would like to get involved with the PTA we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us:
Please join our facebook page:










The committee relies on parents to help run and support these events. All parents of children at the school automatically become members of the PTA and are encouraged to join the committee, or to give some time to help run the PTA events, which are all great fun and very rewarding.

Recent updates from Birchwood Grove's PTA

PTA events and fundraising so far...

  • October:
    • 6th – Autumn School Disco – Total raised - £1,671.47.
    • 18th – AGM & PTA Meeting – 7.30pm in The Studio
    • 20th – Break the Rules Day – Total raised - £384.79.
    • 24th – Woolpack Quiz Night – Total raised - £338.40.
  • November:
    • 13th - PTA Meeting – 7.30pm in The Studio
    • 25th – BWG Christmas Fayre – Total raised - £3,540.27
  • January:
    • 8th – PTA Meeting -7.30pm in The Studio
    • 26th – New Year School Disco
  • February:
    • 9th – Break the Rules Day
    • 26th – PTA Meeting – 7.30pm in The Studio
  • March:
    • 6th - Mother’s Day or Someone Special Sale
  • April:
    • 22nd – PTA Meeting – 7.30pm in The Studio
  • May:
    • 24th – Break the Rules Day
  • June:
    • 7th – Friday Ice Cream Sales start (Every Friday until end of term)
    • 12th – Father’s Day or Someone Special Sale
    • 17th – PTA Meeting – 7.30pm in The Studio
  • July:
    • 5th – BWG Summer Fayre


Some dates/events may be subject to change. Look out for details of each event via Parentmail or Birchwood Grove PTA Facebook Page: birchwood grove pta - search results | Facebook

Link to pay for PTA events 

Here is the link if you would like to pay for events or make donations online:



  • Report read out at the AGM held on Wednesday, 18th October at 7.30pm in the Studio at school
  • Total of £17,692.24 raised 2022/23


PTA AGM minutes October 2023 


Your PTA Committee for 2023/2024 is:


Chair Jo Triggs
Co-Vice Chairs  Dominque Carter and Katie Thompson
Treasurer Caroline Triggs
Secretary  Catherine Raby 

Anna Simpson

Elle Rome

Paula Wooden

Martijn Van Der Meulen 

Lauren Alexander

Carrie Bowsher

Amanda Holland

Helen Paine

Denis Brailsford

Mike Lorusso

Zoe Elliott

Victoria Meeres 

Lauren Street

Kara Samphier 

 If you would like to join the PTA, please feel free to speak to any of the members listed above if known to you or email for further information


Reading vending machine

The PTA recently funded the purchase of our book vending machine. This will be used across the school to recognise the children's amazing efforts with reading. Every month one child in each class will be nominated to receive the golden coin, by their peers, for something wonderful they have done with their reading. This could be for challenging themselves with their reading, or making an interesting comment about one of the characters. 




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Upcoming PTA events

Summer Fayre 2nd July 2021