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PE competitions and results

Athletics - Sports Day and Area Sports 

A fantastic day had by all with activities running in the morning from EY to Year 6, Year 5 doing a fabulous job as captains and Year 6 running a whole range of fun sessions! Teams did an amazing job earning points on each one and for their teamwork. 

Sports Day 2023 Morning

  The afternoon showcased a whole range of races, with points being earned for their team colours. Green were victorious in the end! 

Sports Day 2023 Afternoon



Area Sports 2023


July 2022 It was so lovely to be able to hold our sports day again this year! The first day we saw some lovely team work and leadership skills on show during our sporting activities, and the second day saw races galore with green team claiming victory!



Area sports 2022



July 2021 - Birchwood Grove's Sports Day (run slightly differently to the traditional format this year)....


Within class bubbles, children from across the school competed in 5 different events that focussed on running, jumping and throwing. They represented their colour teams, as in previous years, and gained points that went towards their teams final totals. Once all was added up, results were announced in the 'virtual' end of year assembly. Congratulations to the Red team, pipping the Green team into 1st place by just 12 points. The final standings were:

1st place = Red team 1360 points

2nd place = Green team 1348 points

3rd place = Blue team 1281 points

4th place = Yellow team 1231 points

Thank you to everyone who took part with such enthusiasm in the events, and we hope to return to the traditional sports day format next year! 


July 2020 - Birchwood Grove's first ever 'virtual' sports week (replacing the traditional annual sports day)....

Children both in school and at home competed across the 5 different events, submitting their scores online. An incredibly close competition resulted in the Yellow Team emerging victorious! Thank you to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm.... Hopefully next year we can compete together as normal. 

 Cross Country


Primary Schools Cross Country Event @ Warden Park - Saturday 2nd December 2023

Our fabulous cross country team took part in the local cross country competition on Saturday with all schools from Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath. The children have shown great commitment over the last few weeks running in their lunch times and improving week on week. They all did their absolute best at the competition and did Birchwood Grove proud! A special well done to Olivia finishing 9th and Jack finishing 6th. An amazing achievement for the whole team and great hopes for the future of BWG cross country


Primary Schools Cross Country Event @ Warden Park - Saturday 3rd December 2022

Cross Country 2022


Primary Schools Cross Country Event @ Warden Park - Saturday 4th December 2021

Cross Country Team - Saturday 4th December 2021


 Girls Team   Boys Team   

 Individual Winners

A team of Year 4-6 girls and boys competed at the Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill area Cross Country event on Saturday 4th December 2021, and WOW did they do everyone proud!

In both the girls and boys race, Birchwood Grove had an individual 1st place, with Suzie C. winning in convincing style, and then Olly LNF timing his sprint finish to perfection! The way they both managed and ran their races showed excellent maturity, and humbleness in victory. Ben P finished a marvellous 4th in the boys race, with a total of 8 our our children qualifying for the next stage of the event, the MSA Finals to be held in East Grinstead in January 2022.... Results of this to follow!

Overall, with their combined results, our girls finished 6th and our boys finished 3rd out of 11 schools. Well done to all, and a huge thank you to Miss Whinder and Mr Whinder for working so hard in preparing the children for the event, and the Tuesday lunchtime clubs that they have so kindly been organising.


Monday 21 November 2021 - Boys Football Friendly vs. Manor Field

Team 1

Team 1 consisted of Year 6s and Year 5s, with Alex T in goal, Ethan W and Freddie L defending, Isaac G, Jack S and Felix were midfield and Freddy C was striking. At half time they switched around, all of them showed amazing sportsmanship and excellent play, shaking hands with the Manor Field players (opposition) after the match. The score was 4-3 to Birchwood Grove. There were lots of practise for the amazing substitutions. This was a nerve-racking match with a close finish, Birchwood Grove scoring the winning goal just in time. Thanks to Felix, Freddy C, Jack S and Isaac G for scoring one amazing goal each. Extra credit to Freddie L for that incredible goal. This really was a whole team effort. 

Team 2

Team 2 consisted of Year 6s and Year 5s with James/Teddy at goal (switched at half time), Ritaansh and Jaisurya defending, Teddy and Elliot in midfield, Alfie and Emile were midfield too, James (switched at half time), Freddie F striking. They played really well, and showed excellent sportsmanship. Everyone switching around positions at half-time. Sadly, we lost 3-2 to Manor Field due to a last minute goal, but it was really close. Teddy did brilliantly in goal, saving lots of shots. Congratulations to Alfie and Emile for scoring one goal each. This was truly a whole team effort.                                                                                                                   

This was extremely close guys, well done to both awesome teams! 

(This match report was written by Evie H - Year 6 pupil and part of the Sports Crew Media Team)


 Recent Fixtures:

Monday 11th October 2021 = St Lawrence vs Birchwood Grove (A & B Teams) -  You can read Emma G's super match report below.

Monday 22nd November 2021 = Birchwood Grove vs St Lawrence (A, B & C Teams) - You can read Eve DP's fabulous match report below.


Please refer to the Sports Board in the KS2 corridor for squad lists.


Match Reports:

St. Lawrence vs. Birchwood GroveSt. Lawrence Primary School vs.  Image

Monday 11th October 2021:

A Team

The A team played first and wore yellow bibs. Chloe was their team captain and played 3 times, whereas everyone else on the A team played 2 times. They scored 1 goal, but sadly St. Lawrence scored more.

B Team

The B team played second and wore blue bibs. Emma and Zara were the team captains and played three times, and everyone else played twice. They sadly didn’t score, but St. Lawrence did, so they won.

Even though we lost, Birchwood Grove still played well – St. Lawrence might of just had more time to practice.  It was a great way to start the season after so long!

(This match report was written by Emma G - Year 6 pupil , B-Team Co-Captain, and part of the Sports Crew Media Team)


Birchwood Grove vs. St Lawrence  Image  vs. St. Lawrence Primary School

Monday 22nd November 2021:

On 22nd November 2021, the girls netball team played a friendly match against St Lawrence. We had 3 teams which were

  • - Team A: Suzie, Connie, Isla C, Alice J, Abigail, Darcy, Chloe.
  • - Team B: Eve, Zara, Emma, Isla H, Lara, Leonie.
  • - Team C: Poppy, Lexi, Ruby, Lara, Lucy, Freddie B, Arum.

Our team captains were Connie, Bella and Ruby.

Birchwood Grove scored 1 goal and St Lawrence scored 8 goals.

We also had ‘most valuable players’ on each team who were: Team A Isla, C Team B Eve, Team C everyone.

Everyone played very well and Miss and Mrs Winder are very proud of everyone and how they  participated .

(This report was written by Eve DP, Year 6 student, member of the Netball B team, and part of the Sports Crew Events & Festivals Team)