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Year Two 

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 Autumn 2018

Everyone has made a great start to Year 2! We have been really proud of the way the children have risen to the challenge of being role models for the younger children in KS1.

We have been introduced to the Growth Mindset characters: Resilient Robin, Persevering Penguin, Try it Turtle and Challenging Chimp. Thank fully no-one feels like  'Give up Pup'!

We used drama, writing, drawing and discussion to think about what we are good at, and what we hope to get better at. We even thought what jobs we'd like to do when we're older.

The children were full of really useful advice to help someone if they ever feel stuck in the 'deep dark learning hole' such as 'Never give up.' 'Keep on trying'. 'Practise makes perfect'

In Maths we have been learning to identify tens and ones in a 2-digit number, and writing number names up to 100. 

Spring 2019

It's FFF Freezing in Year 2 this half term! Our learning journey began with 'Lost and Found' and our very own penguin hunt! we are focusing on the use of non-fiction texts too, and creating our own information books. Our other key text is 'Penguin Pete' with a focus on narrative structure and editing and improving our work. We continue to practise our spellings and developing our reading skills, particularly inference and making predictions. In Maths we are focusing on multiplication, starting from the concept of equal grouping. We will then lead into division, and the inverse relationship between the two.

As always, we will be approaching our curriculum in a creative and practical way, and we are also very excited to be involved in Forest Schools and Football coaching over the next few weeks.