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Year Two

Welcome to Year 2!

We will put any information on this page, including: planning, homework and anything else that may be useful. We will also use Parent Mail and Seesaw to update you.  

 We held a meet the teacher session at the beginning of the year. Please find all of the documents shared with parents at this session below, each document can be accessed by clicking on the name. 

Year 2 meet the teacher Powerpoint

Year 2 curriculum objectives for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science

Year 2 Teacher assessment framework (these show what an expected Year 2 is to achieve by the end of the year.) 

Autumn 2023


Growth Mindset 

Our first two weeks in Year 2 are focused on growth mind set! We are using the text 'Jabari Jumps' to inspire our thinking about resilience. We will create some art work based on these books, take part in drama activities and sequence the story to retell it in our own words.  We will also be looking at sinking and floating in science. 

We will be thinking about our class charter, our class agreement, the zones of regulation and have many discussions about how we keep ourselves and others safe in school and online. We will think about our trusted adults at school and at home, think about how we can respect our rights in school and think about our school values. 




Influence, truth and belief.  

 Our concepts for the Autumn term are influence, truth and belief and our focus subject is History!

Our key texts are: Incredible Journeys: Discover, Adventure, Danger and Endurance                                             and   Little People, Big Dreams, Amelia Earhart. 

We will be focusing on explorers in this term from the past and present such as Christopher Columbus and Amelia Earhart. We will discuss how they have influenced us whilst finding out where they explored to learn about the continents and oceans of our planet. During Science we will be learning about animals including humans, in Computing we will look at online relationships, privacy and security. We will use all of our learning to help answer our key question 'How have the explorers influenced us?'

Towards the end of the term we will learn about Christianity, with a focus on the nativity in order to prepare for our performance in December. 


Santa's on Strike! 



 Spring 2024


Change, cause and consequence. 


Our concepts for the Spring term are change, cause and consequence and we our focus subject is the Arts!

During this term year 2 will have two texts to focus on. These are Rainbow bear and Maybe something beautiful.


Both of these texts will allow us to answer our key questions for this term - Is change always positive? Are consequences always negative?

'Maybe Something Beautiful' will also be our inspiration for our art gallery showcase piece of art work based on muralists.  We will also be working on learning about geographical differences from Burgess Hill to the North/South Poles and how the equator effects the temperature of countries on planet earth. During science we will be learning about different materials and their intended purposes based on their properties. In design technology we will be designing our own pouch for Mira to store her paintbrushes in by designing and cresting using textiles and sewing. 


 Summer 2024

Belonging and diversity. 

Our concepts for the summer term are belonging and diversity and we our focus subject is Geography!



This year we have made the decision to record your child's reading on Seesaw. This is a change from the usual reading records that have come home in book bags, to hopefully reduce the number that get mislaid or left either at school or home each day. We can collate the information on the children's journal to monitor the frequency of the children reading and celebrate their progress through video recordings, photos, comments and voice notes. All children have come home with their new seesaw codes, for you to upload information about the children reading at home. We hope you will find this easier to manage than the reading records, however, if you feel you would prefer to have a book sent home, please do contact the class teachers via the school office or on Seesaw.

Please continue the love for reading that we promote in school at home. We encourage children to log on to Numbots and spelling shed at home to practise the number skills and spelling lists tailored to their individual learning needs.


Follow this link for Spelling Shed to practice weekly spelling lists.

Here is a list of the first 100 High Frequency words that your child should  know and be using in their work

The Year 2 spellings can be found here. Please have a go at practicing them with your child

If your child would like to practice their maths, there is a web page with some free games to play here

Help at home 

Times tables rock stars 

Spelling shed

Maths Fluency sheets:




Oak Academy lessons for Key Stage One