Birchwood Grove CP School


Year Six

Autumn 2021

Welcome back to Year 6 at Birchwood Grove!

We will put any information on this page, including: planning, homework and anything else that may be useful. We will also use Parent Mail or Seesaw to update you.  

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Our curriculum is based around concepts, with every subject being linked where possible. Our concepts this term are: change, cause and consequence.


This term for our first two weeks, we will be using the text 'The Promise' to help us think about building a growth mind set, the consequence of humans on nature and how we can help the environment. We are also busy getting to know each other in our new classes, setting up our class RRS class charters and celebrating Roald Dahl day! As a priority, we have also started discussing the importance of online safety and each of us has made a pledge on how to stay safe when using technology. 

"History doesn't change the past, but likely it changes the future."

For the rest of the half term, we will have a focus on History (1066 and beyond). We will begin by thinking about what eras we have studied during their time at Birchwood Grove and how they fit in chronologically and concurrently with each other.

World War I: 

Year 6 will then be looking at World War I and exploring texts such as 'War Game' and 'Poems from the First World War' exploring the consequences of the Great War. Within this focus, we will be creating artwork inspired by Jacqueline Hurley using charcoal, using map work to plot the countries involved and evaluate some wartime music. In Science we will still be learning about change and consequence through electricity and thinking about the categorisation of appliances and how the uses of electricity have changed our world. 





Year 6 will also have the opportunity to take part in bikeability this half term and discover how to be road safe. 

Our fantastic trip to replica World War I trenches, with fabulous workshops:


Trench Trip

World War II: 

In the second half of Autumn term, Year 6 will be focusing on World War II. Our trip inspired our learning as we learnt about the home front and how people were affected by blackouts and evacuation. We have thought about the consequences of World War I and how it sparked the cause for World War II and are going to look at the changes in people's lives linked to: evacuation, the people in our locality, the Blitz and how the role of women changed. We are going to be using 'Goodnight Mr Tom' to inspire our writing and learn about the life of an evacuee. In Science we are going to link our history learning to our focus on light and making some periscopes for the trenches we visited to use!


Spring 2022


Our concepts this term are: belonging & diversity. 


Our learning this term has led us to think a lot about identity and equality linked with our concepts with our inquiry question being 'How does your identify affect your sense of belonging?'. In our first half term, we are using the text 'Goldfish Boy' to help us think not only about how it feels when you belong, but also when you feel like you don't. Alongside our key text, we will also be using 'The Emotionary' to help us think about how emotions may look to us and how to process them for ourselves and others. 


"In every work of art, the artist himself is present."

In Year 6 we will have a big focus on discovering our identity through the Arts this term. We are going to use mixed media to form artwork depicting our emotions (for our class emotionary) and then begin to use these skills to form portraits to communicate our identity to everyone else. We are going to look at identity of genre in Music and look into the history of music and what we identify with- this will lead to us composing a piece of music to represent us. These elements of belonging will also be seen in our Geography (linked with the music) thinking about what places we feel we belong, as well as delving into how others belong in RE such as Humanists. 

In Science, we are focusing on animals including humans and discovering 'How do our choices affect how our bodies work?' with connections to the circulatory system, balanced diet, healthy choices and dangers to our bodies. 

In the second half of this term, we have been more focused on the concept of diversity, centred around our key text 'Ghost Boys' and inspired by people that have fought for equality. We used the text to help us put ourselves in others' shoes, look at the changes in civil rights throughout history and discuss how choices affect others. 


 We continued our focus on the Arts creating Andy Warhol style prints of an inspirational person, alongside writing a biography of that person. We analysed song lyrics from different points through history, looking at the cultural context such as 'A change is gonna come' by Sam Cooke. The children continued their music presentations about their chosen genre, including it's influence through the decades. In Science, we started looking at evolution & inheritance with a workshop about Darwin's discoveries and thinking about our inherited and acquired traits. 

Summer 2022


Our concepts this term are: truth, influence & belief. 


 In Year 6 we will have a big focus on Geography this term and thinking about the geographical DNA of our country and monarchy over time from 1066 onward. We are going to focus on human geography and the changes in settlements and land use from 1066 onward, as well as economic activity over time. We are going to recap on our learning in the Autumn term and think about what we already know about the British monarchy and influences across Europe. We will use our key text 'The Queen's Fool' to discover the different allegiances in the Tudor era and how Britain was left changed after the War of the Roses. 


"A country without a monarchy is like a body without a soul."



Homework for Year 6 will include:

-Reading (a weekly sticker through Seesaw)

-Times Tables Rockstar (500 coins a week)

-Spelling Shed (set lists following spelling patterns looked at in school)

-A big make project (once a term)

-GPS task (set weekly on Seesaw)

Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in on Wednesday. Homework club will be on Fridays after school- contact the school office if your child would like to join. Please let us know if you are having trouble with any logins. 

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