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Year One

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Autumn Term 2018


Giraffes Can't Dance

Through the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance' we have been learning about the importance of having a growth mindset.


Here are some of our messages for Gerald: 

Don't give up. Just keep trying!

Just have a growth mindset.

You can do this!

Never give up!

Believe in yourself Gerald!

You have to keep trying!

I know you can do it if you just keep trying!




 Go Wild

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We will be looking at the story Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne and talking about where the story is set and the characters, including animals from the savannah. We will also taste some of the delicious fruits from the story and talk about what other foods are healthy!

To launch this, we will be going on our very own safari to see what wild animals we can spot. Soon we will work as a class to write our own version of the story. We will be learning to name, describe and compare different animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will also be discussing which animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.



Splashing in the Puddles

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Our topic began with a very windy start – a storm blew into our classrooms and turned everything upside down! Everything was in a mess and there were leaves everywhere!

We read the book ‘After the Storm’ to find out about Percy the Keeper and the animals in his park and the impact of a storm on them. We then worked hard to help create a new home for the homeless hedgehog. First we had to research hedgehogs to find out what type of home would be best. We learnt lots of new facts and even made our very own clay hedgehogs

Throughout the topic we learnt about the seasons and the changes across them. We went on a welly walk to look for signs of autumn and after looking at photographs of the work by the environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy we felt inspired to make our own using natural objects from the school grounds.

We enjoyed learning about different types of plants and trees. We now know lots about deciduous and evergreen trees!


Once Upon A Time

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Our ‘Once upon a Time’ topic started with a very important visitor! Inspector Grimm, a fairy tale detective, came to ask for our help. Wolves have snuck into fairy tales and are causing havoc! We are helping Inspector Grimm to be on the lookout for these wolves, and will be making wanted posters using some fantastic adjectives and similes to describe the wolf.

We will also be looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood from the perspective of the wolf and looking at the features of maps. This will help us to create our own fairy tale maps to help guide Little Red Riding Hood through the forest.

We will celebrate the end of this topic with a very happy ending- a Fairy Tale dressing up day! We will be coming into school as all of the good and bad characters that we have been learning about.