Birchwood Grove CP School


Year One 

Summer Term 2023

 Our concepts for the Spring term are Change, Cause and Consequence and our focus subject this term is Geography! Our focus question is 'How have we changed our world?'

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We will be using the key text " The Journey Home" by Frann Preston-Gannon and will be learning all about conservation and how we can protect our world. We will be adding our own endangered animal into the story and learning all about the problems they face.



We will also be creating our animal and it's habitat on the IPad using 'Scratch' to program our Sprite to move and make noises. In Design and Technology we will be creating our own puppet theatre box including our animal. In Art we will also be making our own animal clay tile.




Spring Term 2023

 Our concepts for the Spring term are Influence, Truth and Belief and our focus subjects this term are the Arts! Our focus question is 'Who and what influences us?'

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We will be using the key text " The Bear and the Piano" by David Litchfield as inspiration for writing our own postcard as the bear. We will be using lots of drama and hot seating to enhance our writing and immerse ourselves as the character.

We will also be learning all about printing in art and study the artist Yayoi Kusama and discovering how we can use her art as inspiration for our own printing!


Autumn Term 2022

Our concepts for the Autumn term are Belonging & Diversity and our focus subject this term is History! Our focus question is 'What does it mean to belong?'

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We have had a fantastic start to the term and have discovered a crashed spaceship in our outside area! We have been using the text "Beegu" by Alexis Deacon as inspiration for writing Lost posters to get Beegu back to her spaceship and send her home. 



For the rest of the first Autumn half term, we will be focused on learning about the past. We will be creating our own timelines of our own lives and looking at the past through the topic of Space!

We will be using the text 'The Man on the Moon' to learn all about the History of the Space race and the first people on the Moon, as well as the changes in transport; looking at Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison as significant figures. 


Help at home

Year 1 is the first year of Key Stage 1 and is full of exciting opportunities and accomplishments for the children. We know as parents that you will want to help your child's learning and development to flourish, but it can sometimes be tricky to know where to start! We hope that the following links may be of use to you:

Maths Fluency Sheets 




Oxford Owl:

Here you will find a great overview of the general expectations in Year 1. There are also some very useful links at the bottom of the page to Oxford Owl activities and resources.

You can access online books to read at home too- great for purposeful screen time as they are tablet friendly!


Phonics Play:

Offers advice about phonics and interactive resources and games which children love to use. These games can also be used on a tablet.


Top Marks:

A range of interactive games involving the different elements of maths covered throughout the year in Year 1.



Follow the link for two fantastic Cbeebies shows which really help with children's understanding of number and phonics.


Oak Academy lessons for Key Stage One


Have fun everybody! 


Here is a video all about having a growth mindset that you may like to watch to find out more information: