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Year Four

Autumn Term 2018


What is a growth mind-set?

"It’s the belief that although we are born with a certain level of intelligence, we can develop it throughout our lives through effort, strategies, facing challenges and learning from our mistakes."

Click here if you would like more information about what growth mind-set means. 


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Welcome to year 4 

Following the success of last year, we are going to focus on Growth mind-set. Carol Dweck the founder of Growth mind-set says “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”  

We will also be creating learning partner charters and classroom charters using the children's own ideas and thoughts. Rights respecting and our values will be part of all we do throughout the year. We have planned many exciting activities to help children understand the concept of growth mindset and develop a ‘have a go’ attitude.  Each class has a motto to re-enforce growth mind-set.  

Robin’s motto - ‘Mistakes are proof that you are learning!’  

Doves motto - ‘It’s OK to not know, but it’s not OK to not try!’  


After a busy start we will then be moving onto the topic Rainforest. This will be Geography based in the first half term and continue into the second half with a mantle of the expert approach.  

We are starting off the rainforest topic with the concept of ‘I'm a year 4 get me out of here!’ A fun and slightly competitive way to start for both the year 4 classes. There will be bush-tucker trials, and games to play in order to become the best year 4 class on camp 

As we move into the second half of term it starts with a very exciting ZOOLAB visit (click here for the letter and information). Our Mantle of the expert will be focused on the rainforest-in particular with the children becoming conservationists and designing their own orangutan sanctuary. This will include areas of geographical knowledge, maths, problems solving, persuasive writing and advertising. 

-The two half terms have separate homework grids to keep the children engaged and stimulated. You can find the current homework grid here.  

Spelling homework will continue this year in a similar way to year 3. Miss Sullivan is offering a homework club for your child to complete this with support on Thursdays and is happy for as many children to attend as possible. For a copy of the current spelling homework grid please click here.  

Our PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor), please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for both PE sessions especially outdoor as temperatures start to drop in the coming months.  

There is lots going on at Christmas too! Year 3 and 4 are taking a significant role in the carol concert this year as this will be their time to shine! Keep an eye out in future newsletters for more information on this very exciting event!  

It’s a busy start but we are very excited to start the new academic year with a ‘bang’ and look forward to working with all of the children in year 4. There is a parent curriculum meeting to discuss all of this information and meet the teachers on the 18th September 2018 at 7pm.  

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our curriculum meeting! 

YEAR 4 team  

Miss Sullivan, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Gathern and Mrs Whitehorn (Robins) 

Mrs Whinder, Mrs Rowen and Mrs Worsley (Doves)