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Year Five and Six

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Autumn Term 2018

Brain Bootcamp

As the new school year begins, we will be thinking about developing a growth mindset. By learning that our brain is a muscle which can be exercised and grow, we can all become better learners and be able to face the challenges. We will also be looking at our school values and writing stories to match these for the rest of the school to read. We will be using three key texts as a starting point, these have wonderful vocabularly and illustrations for us to explore.

The Koala that could- focus on growth mindset

The lion inside- focus on innovation

Squirrels that squabbled- focus on collaboration


Animal Park We are approaching this topic using the Mantle of the Expert approach. When we stepped in to our story we met a lady who unfortunately has had to close down her zoo of endangered animals, as she is no longer able to care for them. We have agreed to take these animals in to our animal park. To do this we need to become experts! We have researched animals- where they are located, their adaptations, diet, habitats and why they are endangered. From here we will be creating leaflets, maps; using our computing time to find pictures and create a website using html. We hope you will enjoy seeing our efforts at our Animal fair on 18th October at 2:30pm. 

Final Frontier

This was a brand new topic for Year 5/6 and our key text 'George's Secret Key to the Universe' certainly got the children motivated. In Science we have learnt about the shape of the planets, day and night; how the planets rotate round the sun and the phases of the moon. This has linked nicely with our English work- where we have written planet poems and short stories based on Science - coming on to the website soon. We have used different techniques in art to create backgrounds for our poems and also learnt about Stephen Hawkins! All this hard work culminated in our fabulous finish to the Southdowns Planetarium which was a fantastic experience.

Year 5/6 Space stories (35 images)

Using our key text 'George's Secret Key To The Universe' Year 5/6 wrote their own short stories based on a space adventure.

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Father Christmas Topic

What was a truly fantastic way to finish a fabulous term! The children in Early Years and Year One wrote Father Christmas letters and as he was so busy this year we were employed as his secret elves to reply. We learnt all about informal language, contractions and how to write letters. We also looked at examples of letters both written and performed before embarking on the very important task of replying to the children. Year 6 also used an app called 'Morfo' to perform these letters. It was a thoroughly enjoyable final day when the letters were delivered!  

All the fun of the fair

A firm favourite amongst our Year 5 and 6 children. This topic began with a commission from our client Albert Bernardo who set us the task of setting up a fairground ride production company to design and make a fairground ride meeting his tight specifications. We thought about the roles we would need, for example: accountant, designers, advertising and ride safety and then set about writing a formal letter to ensure we were given our roles. Once we had secured our positions in our company we have set about learning the mechanics of how the rides will turn. We have focused on pulleys and electrical circuits, in addition we have looked at how to make corners and strengthen them so that we can make the base of our rides. As our ride show case approached we looked at persuasion and how to pitch our rides so that they were chosen as the 'best'. 

                                                                                                                                                          Please see our 'Help At Home' page for resources and useful websites. Please click here for the 'All the fun of the fair' homework grid.emat-_Full-Version_.pdf">here for the GPS mat.