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Year 3

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Spring Term

Through the Wardrobe


Opening the wardrobe door, she saw several long fur coats hanging up, and immediately got in amongst them. As she went farther in, she noticed to her surprise that the soft furs began to feel rough and prickly, just like the branches of trees.

Our RE based topic this half term will focus on sacrifice and its meaning. We explore what this could mean to us in everyday life alongside how sacrifice is important within stories. We will be learning about the Christian story of Easter and our key text reflects the message of sacrifice in the form of Aslan’s sacrifice in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

We are so lucky as our topic coincides with the Year 5 Opera Brava performance of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, we are looking forward to experiencing Narnia through opera.







Upstairs, Downstairs.

We stepped into our Victorian story by applying for a job as a servant at Preston Manor. We were interviewed and put through our paces by Mrs Storey, the housekeeper, during our trip.

This history-based topic will cover key aspects of the Victorian era, including a town trail to explore evidence of the Victorians in Burgess Hill. Our key text is Oliver Twist (Usborne adaptation) which we will be reading during guided reading. Our famous Victorian is William Morris; we will be using his beautiful art work to inspire our own wallpaper designs.

 Please click here for our Victorian homework grid.

Autumn Term 

Shaping the Earth and Disaster Strikes!

We have been watching footage of the destructive hurricane Irma that hit Anguilla in 2017. Having read a moving eye-witness account of what it was like to experience a hurricane and live with the aftermath, the children would like to raise money to send to those affected. 

Audrey Austen (Editor of National Geographic Kids) gave the children the task of creating their very own information book about our Earth.

The children researched different aspects of the Earth and each week created a page to share their learning with other children. 

We covered:







The trip to Cuckmere Haven was the stunning start to our topic and what a fabulous day we had!


Growth Mindset 

The first two weeks of term have been dedicated to exploring our growth mindset. We have been exploring how we face challenging situations when we are learning new things.

To explore this topic, we read and discussed ‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain’ by JoAnn Deak.

The children thought about how our brains work and created a piece of art exploring their own feelings about what they are good at and what they want to improve.

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