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Reading and Phonics


‘Younger pupils rapidly develop their knowledge of letters and sounds (phonics). Their mastery of these skills means they are confident to tackle unfamiliar words in their reading and use a broader range of vocabulary in their writing.’

Extract from our Ofsted report in 2012.


At Birchwood Grove we believe phonics is crucial in children learning to read and write. We teach phonics in both discrete lessons and throughout the whole curriculum. We use a number of schemes including Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds. The children are taught the letter sounds, letter names and tricky words in a multi sensory way.

In addition to this we teach grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout the curriculum and in discrete lessons. These are differentiated to ensure children's personal targets are met and meet the requirements of the English National Curriculum.



‘Across the school, pupils’ attitudes to reading are highly positive.’

Extract from our Ofsted report in 2012.


Reading is a strong focus throughout the whole school. Alongside teaching children to read, we believe reading for comprehension is of equal importance. We use a variety of strategies to teach reading, which include encouraging the children to use picture clues, phonics, and contextual clues. A rich variety of books are available throughout the school, for example, picture books, big books, storybooks, reading scheme books, shared reading books, poetry and non-fiction books. The children also visit the library weekly where they can take out a range of books.

Parental involvement is crucial in developing children’s reading. We involve parents closely in the school's reading programme, beginning with the taking home of books for adults to read with their child. The school’s Home Reading Scheme is operated to give children a shared experience of reading with adults at home and to promote a love of, and respect for, books.

‘Attainment at the end of Key Stage 1 is significantly above average, including in reading and by the end of Key Stage 2 it far exceeds that of all pupils nationally in reading, writing and mathematics’

Extract from our Ofsted report in 2012.


Home/School Reading

Each child will have a home/school reading record book for parents to record the books they have read at home with their child. The staff will read these regularly and respond to any comments written in them.


Get Caught Reading Week

During the week commencing 8th June 2015 Birchwood Grove enjoyed its' annual 'Get caught Reading Week'. The children and staff participated in a number of different activities including: the big read in the park, the reading throne and stop everything and read. The whole school thoroughly enjoyed this, we have included some photos.