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Birchwood Grove Prayer Space in School from 20th to 23rd April 2015

Our second prayer took place in the drama studio over 4 days and was again led by a team from St Andrew’s Church. The scene was set by St Andrew’s Curate Carl and Youth Pastor Jonny who visited the school assembly on Monday to explain that the prayer space would be a place to take time to talk and communicate with God in a variety of ways.

The space was set up with different zones for the children to experience.  All the classes were able to visit the space and then allowed to return at lunch times.

There was a ‘Sorry’ zone where the children were asked to think about the times they had been wronged, were hurt, angry or bearing a grudge. They wrote or drew on a piece of paper about it and then saw this shredded to know that they had been forgiven.

In the Request zone there was a bubble tube which the children were asked to sit and watch the bubbles rise as they thought about whatever was on their mind. They then could write prayers on post it notes and place them on the bubble tube.

There were opportunities in the wonder zone to ask any questions to God like:

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Happy Birthday God?
  • Is your favourite food pizza?
  • Do you really hold the whole world in your hands?

The world zone was linked to our School’s Rights Respecting ethos. It allowed the children to think about if others beyond our community live happy, safe and healthy lives. The children were encouraged to consider ,if and how they would make changes to achieve this by answering questions like What would you keep the same?, What would you change? and what rules would you make?

 Thankful ducks gave the children the opportunity to think about what they could thank God for and it was amazing to see how many different things they were thankful for.

On the feedback wall the children either wrote or drew what they thought about the prayer space. These included:

  • "It is the only place I can express my feelings and emotions."
  • "I liked the shredder because it gave all of your bad thoughts away."

A big thank you to Sandi Wickens and the Prayer Space Team for their time and support in setting up the prayer space.


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