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Early Years

Please take a look at our video showing what life is like in our wonderful Early Years unit. 

Day in the life of Early Years 

 Spring 2022

This term our learning is based around the concepts of belonging and diversity as we ask the question, "what does it mean to belong?'. We will explore this enquiry question through some carefully selected key texts including 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers (considering where the penguin belongs in the story) and 'Errol's Garden' by Gillian Hibbs (working together to plant seeds and create a mini garden in our outdoor area). Using the beautiful book 'All are Welcome' by Alexandra Penfold we will explore the concept of diversity.


We will develop the children’s artistic and cultural awareness though art, music and drama. We will learn about the artists Picasso and Andy Goldsworthy, explore the elements of line, texture and colour and use some of their pieces to inspire our own artwork. We will use our bodies and un-tuned instruments to learn about the elements of pulse, pitch and rhythm.

We will make sense of our physical world and our community through a range of first hand experiences, including: observing the seasons of winter and spring, identifying animals that belong in cold places, investigating what happens when ice melts and which materials float or sink. We will learn about the festivals of Chinese New Year and Easter, recognising that people have different beliefs. 



Autumn Term 2021

This term we have welcomed our newest members of the Birchwood Grove family into Orchard Class. The children have been very busy getting to know each other, making friends and learning our rules and routines to make school a happy and safe place to be. There has been lots to learn and remember and we are so proud of all our Reception children.

A Strong Start...

"Strong, warm and supportive relationships with adults enable children to learn how to understand their own feelings and those of others. Children should be supported to manage emotions, develop a positive sense of self, set themselves simple goals, have confidence in their own abilities, to persist and wait for what they want and direct attention as necessary." EYFS Framework 2021.

This has been our starting point this term; to quickly develop positive relationships and begin to understand and talk about our feelings and the feelings of others. We have used the wonderful book 'The Colour Monster' to talk about different emotions through colours. The children have enjoyed making up their own Colour Monster stories with stick puppets, used mirrors to look at how their faces change with each different emotion and learnt various techniques for managing their feelings such as deep breathing, talking and exercise. The children have enjoyed exploring the text through art by learning how to mix different colours using powder paint.


We will then introduce the idea of a growth mindset through the popular book 'Stick Man'. The children will learn about our school value of resilience and to 'stick at it, like Stick Man'! Throughout the term we will introduce all 5 school values to the children; resilience, creativity, collaboration, independence and respect.            

Learning at home

- Weekly tricky words for your child to learn to read. 

- Daily reading of the book bag book.

Please hear your child read and read to your child as often as possible. Regular reading practise is the best way to accelerate reading progress.

Parent Workshops

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Also see the Early Years Help at home section for links to the Red and Green words used in Read Write Inc.


Help at home - Phonics        

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Click here for the Red Words



If you would like to access the Powerpoint used during the maths training, please click here.

Additional resources that you might like to use with your children at home can be found here:

Maths Bingo (different representations of numbers)

Numicon Guide


Oak Academy lessons for Early Years 


Number blocks at home Resources to accompany the CBeebies Numberblocks series, designed for parents to use at home with children