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Early Years

Please take a look at our video showing what life is like in our wonderful Early Years unit. 

Day in the life of Early Years 

Autumn Term 2023

Our new Reception children have had a fantastic start to school. They have had lots of fun making new friends and exploring their indoor and outdoor learning environment. They have been learning how to be good listeners and how to be good friends by sharing and taking turns. Throughout the autumn term we will use quality texts in our daily story time to introduce the children to our school values of respect, resilience, creativity, collaboration and independence. 

Truth, Belief and Influence

After half term the children will begin to understand the concepts of truth, belief and influence. We will explore the questions "should we always tell the truth?" and "is it ever OK to lie?". We will read the story 'Finn's Little Fibs' by Tom Percival to help the children answer these questions. 

Click here to see our Autumn term overview.

Spring Term 2024

Our concepts for this term are Change, Cause and Consequence. We will use the text 'Once There Were Giants' by Martin Waddell to think about how we have changed since we were babies. The children will look at photographs of themselves as babies and compare the things they have learnt to do now that they couldn't do when they were a baby. They will also compare the toys they play with now to their baby toys and the toys that their parents and grandparents would have played with!

Click here to see our Spring term overview.

Learning at home

- Weekly tricky words for your child to learn to read. 

- Daily reading of the book bag book.

- Please hear your child read and read to your child as often as possible. Regular reading practise is the best way to accelerate reading progress.

Parent Workshops

 Click here for '6 Weeks In' Meeting - October 2023  

Click here for phonics workshop - November 2023  


Help at home - Phonics        

Click here to see the Read Write Inc phonics workshop information. This includes videos for pronunciation and teaching videos from Read Write Inc.

Read Write inc Green words:  Green words set 1, Green Words Set 2, Green Words Set 3, Green Words Set 4, Green Words Set 5, Green Words Set 6, Green Words Set 7, Green Words Set 8

Click here for the Red Words


Oak Academy lessons for Early Years 


Numberblocks at home Resources to accompany the CBeebies Numberblocks series, designed for parents to use at home with children