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At Birchwood Grove we believe in creating and delivering a curriculum that is broad, balanced and engaging for all children. Our main aim is to ensure that children enjoy learning, develop a lifelong love of learning and are prepared to take their place in the future as happy, fulfilled members of society.

Topics are carefully planned, involving the children’s interests wherever possible. We ‘hook’ the children in using super starters such as receiving a letter from a super hero or discovering ancient artefacts in the school grounds. This creates a sense of excitement from which the curriculum is planned combining the different subjects in the National Curriculum.  

Alongside this, we believe it is of equal importance to teach and develop key skills such as independence, social skills and flexibility. These skills are taken into account and actively promoted through various teaching styles in each topic. All the children’s learning is geared towards a ‘fabulous finish’ where the children fulfil the requirements set in the super start. Whenever possible, we invite parents and carers to fabulous finishes so they can share in their child’s learning and celebrate their successes.

When children start at Birchwood Grove they will continue their learning through Early Years (the period from birth to age five). The Early Years curriculum provides a range of activities, both indoors and outdoors. This provides them with the experiences necessary to develop skills in the seven areas of learning. At the end of Early Years the children progress on to the National Curriculum.

For more information about the National Curriculum you can follow the link to the Department for Education's documents below:

You may also like to contact the Curriculum leader Helen Butler (Deputy Headteacher).

Curriculum Documents

Below you can view our planning overviews for each subject area, these link to both the National Curriculum requirements and our own school curriculum.

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Core subjects

Mathematics Year 1

Mathematics Year 2

Mathematics Year 3

Mathematics Year 4

Mathematics Year 5

Mathematics Year 6

English Year 1

English Year 2

English Year 3 and 4

English Year 5 and 6



Foundation subjects 



Physical Education




Design and Technology

PSHE and C