Birchwood Grove CP School

School improvement priorities 

Our school aims and mission statement help to determine the direction we take as a school.  In addition, the governors and leadership team consider how well the school is 'performing' against various key performance indicators.  We draw on a range of evidence to carry out these evaluations. The evidence range is wide and includes items such as the latest data (National Curriculum test results, teacher assessment results or attendance data), evaluations of the quality of teaching and learning, feedback from parents, pupils and staff, and the most recent Ofsted inspection.

Once the information has been evaluated, a plan is drawn up using the evidence to identify key improvement priorities for each academic year.

This year, we used the support of our West Sussex Link Adviser to draw up a plan of actions that addresses the key priorities from our recent Ofsted inspection.


School Improvement Plan 2023-24



sip 2023 24.pdf