Birchwood Grove CP School

Vision and values   

The School Vision 

Birchwood Grove is a happy, nurturing inclusive community, teaching our children core values and a love of learning which equips them for a future becoming the best they can be in an ever-changing world.

Our Shared Values 

  • Respect – promoting and embedding a clear sense of responsibility to oneself, others, community and the wider world

  • Resilience -  persevering and adapting to changing or challenging experiences in a healthy, safe, happy and secure environment

  • Collaboration – working together to be successful, regardless of gender, race, ability or cultural background

  • Independence – encouraging independence of thought, opinions and actions and valuing equality and diversity across the community

  • Creativity – expressing individuality and imagination through appreciation and enjoyment across all aspects of school life.

The life and ethos of the school

We uphold the Articles of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and put these at the heart of our practice.  These Articles are shared and explained to our children through Kite assemblies, and six Articles are used as the basis for our Charters:

The right to be the best that we can be. (Article 29)

The right to learn and go to school. (Article 28)                  

The right to be kept safe. (Article 19)

The right to meet with friends, join clubs and relax and play. (Article 31)

The right to be healthy. (Article 6)

The right to be listened to. (Article 12)

We teach children to ‘respect’ each child’s Rights, and to show they understand these through their actions, for example, knowing that following our Charters will help others to be kept safe.