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Talk to me about...

Every week during Friday's assembly we are introduced and learn a little about something in the news. Sometimes this is a Global issue e.g. refugees, and at other times it is something that has interested us e.g. Brighton being promoted. During our July 2017 Kite Council meeting one of the members of our group requested that we explore the theme of the assembly more in class and at home. To help you with this every Friday we will be sending a 'Talk to me about...' parent mail home and displaying the theme here, so that you can talk about the theme at home. Please do share any interesting thoughts or comments with us...

Autumn 2017

Talk to me about ....

8th September: what a Rights Respecting Ambassador is and the role the monitors will be taking in our school. Why do we need them? What articles may they be helping us uphold?

15th September: hurricanes what damage can they cause? What articles are in danger of not being fulfilled for some of these children who have experienced some of these storms or hurricanes? How can we help all the way over here in the UK?

22nd September:  9 year old Christopher’s fight against guns in America.  Why is Christopher respecting his rights as a child?  Why is his message important?

29th September:  The Invictus games! What are they? Who takes part in the games? Why are these people inspiring? What can we learn from the participants?

6th October: Why we should not use plastic bags! How can they be harmful to our natural world?  What else can we do to protect our planet?

13th October: Who is Paddington? What is his new role with UNICEF? Why was he chosen? How could we help Paddington in his new role in supporting refugee children in the UK? 

20th October:  What sort of things do we need to do to keep healthy? Why should we keep healthy? What should we bring into school to eat? What should you not bring into school? 

3rd November:  What sort of jobs do animals do? How do animals help people with disability? How should we treat animals?

17th November: What do you enjoy about Children in Need? Who do you think Children in Need helps? Why do we need Charities like Children in Need? Who would you talk to if you felt unsafe?

8th December: Who can help us if we have hurt ourselves? Who can help if we are feeling sad? What do we mean by a healthy mind and a healthy body?

Spring Term 2018

12th January: Why do we have people to lead at countries? What would you say to a world leader? Would you like to be a world leader?

19th January 2018: How to cross the road safely. How to scoot and cycle safely. How grown-ups can drive more safely.

26th January 2018: Which films have we enjoyed this year and why? How can films help us to learn? Why is Dunkirk a very special story from World War II?

2nd February 2018: Why is it a dream for some people to compete in the Olympics? Why do we enjoy watching people doing well at sport? What are your favourite sports and are there any new one you would like to try?

20th April 2018: What do you think it would it be like to arrive in a totally new country to live and work? What would you do to make someone feel welcome? What does multicultural mean? Why should we celebrate being a multi-cultural country?

4th May 2018: What do you think it would it be like to be a child in the Royal Family? Do you think being a Monarch is an easy job? Can you find out which other countries have a Royal Family?

11th May 2018: Do you think David Attenborough is being the best he can be? Why? What animals would you like to see in the wild? How can we help to protect the animals in our world?