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Sports Premium Funding

Sport Premium Statement for Birchwood Grove


The Sport Premium is an allocation of additional funding from the Department for Education, given to every school with primary age children to support the development of Physical Education, School Sport and Competition. This money is ring-fenced and is due to be provided for the next two academic years.

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, as well as the impact this is having on pupils.

For 2016-2017, Birchwood Grove CP School received an allocation of £9525

This money will be used as follows:


Payment to join Mid Sussex Active; our local School Sports Partnership that provide a wide & varied service. 


·         This includes organising competitions and festivals including opportunities for children from Year 1 – 6

·         Providing a programme of Professional Development for members of our staff that need support, as well as for local coaches that work within our area and our school (including some free courses for being members).

·         Providing specialist advice and support from our local secondary school

·         Support for developing young sports leaders within our school which allows us to introduce and extend competitive opportunities in our own school.

·         Training and deploying Sports Leaders from our local secondary school that both enhance the activities we send students to, as well as providing activities within our school to a wide range of children

·         See for further information and reports about events/training/calendar etc



Provision of courses for development of teacher abilities in delivering high quality physical education lessons to all pupils.


·         This includes subject leader courses to develop the coordination and management of school sport at Birchwood Grove.

·         Programmes for teachers to attend that will improve their delivery of high quality physical literacy, games, dance, gymnastics and tennis within the National Curriculum

·         Development of PE skills for newly qualified teachers (NQTs).


Supply costs for covering teachers attending P.E. development courses.


Replenishment of the necessary resources to allow high quality PE sessions to be delivered.


Membership to the Mid-Sussex Primary Schools' Sports Association

Affiliation to the association allows schools to participate in the Mid-Sussex cross-country event at Warden Park in December, the various football and netball tournaments during the year, and the district athletics events in the summer term.


Membership to the Association for Physical Education (afPE)


·         This includes access to professional development materials for PE delivery at reduced rates.

·        Receipt of 5 afPE publications per year detailing the latest developments and innovations in the teaching of the subject

·        Priority assessment for the nationally recognised afPE Quality Mark for P.E delivery


Support for vulnerable children to attend out of school and extra-curricular sporting and adventurous activities.


Providing outside agencies running clubs and events within school.

This includes:

·         Cricket Coaching (Girls coaching all year and Boys coaching in spring term)

.         Cricket coaching for year 4 during school lessons

·         Strickers Inc Day

·         Football for KS1

.         Football for KS2



Impact 2015-2016

The impact of 2015 – 2016 spend can be demonstrated by:





Competitions & Festivals

A greater number of children have been able to represent the school in sports at local competitions and festivals.

Some children have now joined the local club


Greater numbers of sporting opportunities are now available for children across the school.



Local news and school newsletter reports regarding the performance of competitive school teams.

Raised confidence and participation in school as a result of publicity. Greater numbers of participating pupils. Increased motivation.


Staff across key stages will have been able to attend gymnastic, dance, athletics and tennis games.

Improved quality of teaching observed by subject leaders.

Improved confidence of teaching staff in all areas of PE.

Advice & Support

Advice from Schools Support Partnership regarding Kitemark, resources, equipment, local coaches, Ofsted guidance, New National Curriculum

afPE accreditation process underway. Gold Kite Mark achieved.


Children involved in leadership, competitions, range of out of school hours activities.


Support from SSColesson / subject knowledge, local coaches, suitable sports leaders,


Sports Leaders

Visits from a range of secondary Sports Leaders provided multi skills and indoor athletics opportunities for our Young Playleaders.

Secondary Sports Leaders supported competitions we went to, providing officials, organisers, team managers etc

Sport Leader led activities provided great role models and 12 of our children are taking on Sports Crew responsibilities - which have been organised into different roles. 


We have trained a group of our Sports Leaders to become our Crew. They have planned and delivered multi skills to Year 2 and indoor athletics to Years 3 and 4 thus increasing competitive opportunities to our children.



Our Sports Crew have officiated and scored at local primary school competitions.

Greater range of intra school competitions available, meaning that more children have the opportunity to learn from competing


Sports Crew members develop leaderships skills and responsibilities away from competing.



We have a group of Young Play Leaders who support others in being more active at lunchtime, especially those who do not join in the traditional activities

Targeting inactive children

Resourcing and Kit

High quality resources have been purchased to support the delivery of quality P.E. and games within the school.

Teachers are able to provide better opportunities for pupils with curriculum and extra curricular sport (observed by Subject Leader).  Pupils show greater enthusiasm as a result of being provided up to date equipment. 

Support for vulnerable children

Children are able to attend sporting and adventurous activities that previously would have been inaccessible.

Greater confidence and enthusiasm for sport and games displayed in school.