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Year Two 

Summer Term

Splash and Crash!


Rainbow fish has had big decisions to make this half term! Should he give his scales away? Should he swim to the bottom of the deep, dark canyon? Thankfully, he has Year 2 to help him make these decisions. With the help of their very own ‘rainbow creatures’, the children are writing the third book in the series, with advice to Rainbow Fish.    


In English, Year 2 have been learning how to compare books by the same author and have been focusing on the character’s feelings and emotions.

We have also been writing our own information page all about our fictional rainbow characters.


Disaster has struck! The unsinkable steam liner has hit an ice-berg!  Year 2 have stepped into role to become a passenger aboard the RMS Titanic! Through drama and role-play the children were able to experience the expanse of the mighty Titanic and also the chaos on board as disaster struck!

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Spring Term

Fire! Fire!

Year Two discovered some footprints along the Key Stage One corridor, we were wondering who they belonged to so we sent out a search party! In the studio, we discovered 60 tiny eggs scattered amongst the musical equipment. Greeting us was the sound of a deep voice asking for our help. Ignis the dragon was looking for his fire!

We have been exploring how Igins could use his growth mind-set to persevere in finding his fire. We have been looking after Ignis’ hatchlings and we can’t wait to see what happens…

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Antarctic Adventure

Deep in the Antarctic, explorers and creatures have crossed paths! In Year Two we received a mysterious treasure chest full of exciting items.

After research and investigation, we have discovered what the items in the chest are, and who they belonged to. ERNEST SHACKLETON!

During this topic the children have been commissioned to find out about and prove Shakleton’s claims of crossing the Antarctic region in a lifeboat.

On his exploration an unexpected visitor slipped into his bag….Penguin Pete! We have been ‘diving’ into the story of Penguin Pete and we are writing our own story endings!

Autumn Term


In Year 2 we have we been helping Mr. Gino, a restaurant owner in Italy. He has had a disaster! His business is losing customers and money. His staff are rude, untrained and not fit for their roles and his menus need to be improved. We have taken on different roles to help Mr.Gino revive his restaurant and make the improvements needed to start encouraging customers to visit him again. We have been doing a lot of research about Italy, Italian foods, job roles and The Renaissance. We hope that our hard work will pay off and Mr.Gino will run a successful restaurant again.


Poor Mr.Gino in his restaurant asking for our help.

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