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Year One

 Yearly overview 2017-18

Autumn Term

Giraffes Can't Dance


We have been learning about the importance of having a growth mindset. We explored this through the book Giraffes Can't Dance. We found out about Gerald the giraffe and decided we could help him. We thought of lots of positive messages to tell him to encourage him to have a growth mindset.

You need to keep trying and trying!

Come on, you can do this! 

Keep on trying!

Keep practising!

Believe in yourself!

Put your growth mindset on!

Never give up! 


We thought about what we can do and what we can't do, yet. We decided that we are all going to have a growth mindset in everything we do! 



Splashing in the puddles

One morning we found that a storm had blown through our classrooms. We got busy exploring all the different things that had blown in and we even went on a welly walk to find where they had come from. We learnt that some trees are evergreen and some trees are deciduous. 

Unfortunately some of the animals lost their homes in the storm. We helped to build new homes for them and we learnt about hibernation. 


Spring Term

Once upon a time

We have been exploring the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have found out about the importance of the 5 story elements: who, where, when, what happened, the ending.

We created story maps and acted out our stories. We explored a range of fairy tale characters and used adjectives to describe them. We learnt about character speech and how this helps to bring a story to life. 

We created our own story characters and settings and even made up our very own newspaper articles and stories. 


Summer Term

Ship Ahoy!

The topic began when we received a letter from Horatio Gladstone, a man who has been searching the high seas for Captain Blackbeard's treasure. He told us that he has been trying to locate this highly valuable treasure so that it can be kept safe in a museum. When Horatio's ship became shipwrecked we decided to help him and learn some pirate skills! 

Topic overview