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Year One

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Summer Term

Blackbeard's Treasure


Our topic began when we received a washed up message in a bottle from Horatio Gladstone, a man who has been searching the high seas for Captain Blackbeard’s treasure. He explained that he wanted to locate this highly valuable treasure before it was stolen by another greedy pirate, like Blackbeard! Unfortunately Horatio had become shipwrecked so we decided to become pirates in order to help rescue him!

In order to become pirates we decided it was important to do some research about pirates so that we could help, and this is how our topic began. Then, when we received a map in a bottle, we decided we must rescue Horatio without delay! We recreated the island, decided upon which roles we’d take on whilst onboard the ship and even designed our own ships. We then set sail and managed to rescue Horatio and the hidden treasure.

We’re excited to see how our pirate skills will be put to the test next!

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Spring Term

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?


This term's topic began when we arrived in the morning and found straw, bricks and sticks all over the place. Then we discovered a very upset Mrs Pig. She told us that her three boys had left home and she was extremely worried about them. Immediately the children wanted to help and decided to become Story Town Police Officers. In order to best help Mrs Pig and her boys, we have been busy learning to verbally retell the story using picture prompts to help us.  

We were very excited when Mrs Pig came back in to see us to say that she had heard from her three boys, and they were busy building their own houses. To celebrate hearing from them she decided she was going to have her hair done, so that she could look her best before visiting. However, as it was raining she asked for our help in finding the best material to make an umbrella so that she could visit her pigs in the rain. This became the focus of our science investigation.

Mrs Pig has told us that her boys thought it would be easy to build a house but they soon realised that they actually didn't know the first thing about building a house, let alone where it should be built, what it should look like or what materials it should be built from! We will set about helping by finding out about materials and their properties, and by designing and building houses.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the missing Big Bad Wolf!

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Autumn Term

Stomp and roar!

Our topic began when we stepped into our story and received a very important letter from Dan, an explorer. He told us he had been travelling around the world and had come across some rather peculiar things! He asked us to help find out what they were and he sent us to the Natural History Museum in London. 

Because of our discoveries, we were asked by the museum to become dinosaur experts and to work for them. In order to become experts we will be spending time writing questions about things we would like to find out about dinosaurs and then investigating a range of different non-fiction books, learning how to use the contents page, index and glossary. As the children become experts there will be lots of opportunities for them to explain all they know about dinosaurs using videos, making posters and writing books.

We will also be using the text ‘Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs’ as a stimulus for the children to use powerful adjectives and descriptive language in their own story writing. 

History will be weaved throughout our topic where we will compare the present day with the time dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and exploring how to find answers to the questions we have about the dinosaur era.


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