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Year Four

Yearly overview 2017-18

Autumn term

Growth Mind-set

In the first two weeks of school we explore the book "I can't do this" where Fortitude reaches for the stars until one day a terrible thought threatens to topple his dreams. Luckily, as we read the book Fortitude discovers the power of "YET!" 

In the classroom we develop our growth mind-sets towards different areas of learning. We learn what to do when we get stuck on a piece of work, how our brains grow and the importance of making mistakes.

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What is a growth mind-set?

"It’s the belief that although we are born with a certain level of intelligence, we can develop it throughout our lives through effort, strategies, facing challenges and learning from our mistakes."

Click here if you would like more information about what growth mind-set means. 

Watch the video below to discover a secret about the brain.