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Year Four

Yearly overview 2017-18

 Our first week of the final term of school is environment week. Year 4 will be focusing on the topical discussion of plastic. We will be completing work based on some of the things we will learn about this week. Don't forget day for change on Friday! 

Summer Term 2 - Plant Pandemonium. 

Click here for the Red Book Topic Homework. 

Click here for summer 2 spelling homework.

This last term in year 4 focuses on a scientific topic about plants. We will be conducting many lines of scientific enquiry to learn more about how plants grow and function. We would be grateful for any donations of seeds, small shrubs/plants, small pots, soil and children's gardening gloves. 

During this topic one book we will be focusing on is 'The Green Ship'. 

We will be using this book to create some atmospheric art work using water colour and inks. 

In English we will be writing persuasively, debating organic and non-organic products, observational and creative writing about plants. In Maths we will be looking at data handling and combining all of our skills learnt this year to solve one and two step problems. 

In PE will we have a strong focus on athletics to prepare for sports day. In computing we will be focusing on Purple Mash, your child will be given a slip of paper with their login to allow access at home too. 

We hope to have an educational yet fun last few weeks of the year and start preparing your child to move into year 5! 


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Summer Term 1 - Violent Vikings.

During the Summer term year four will be learning all about the Violent Vikings!

We are starting with a visit from a Viking where children will be able to ask him questions and learn more about what life was like as a Viking! To see what we have planned for the exciting topic see our overview.

View our overview here.

A new homework grid as been sent home with pupils, 30 points of homework needs to be completed by 22nd May 2018 and at least one piece must be completed from each row.

Take a look at the grid here.

Spellings are required to be handed in once a week. to save any confusion a due date has been added to the grid so that each child completes homework for the correct day using the correct weeks spellings.

Summer term 1 spelling homework grid.

We look forward to another successful and exciting term with you!



Spring term 


This term our topics are based around physical and human geography. Our topic for the first half term is ‘Shaping the Earth.’ The children will be in role as book publishers with the commission to create an interactive book about physical geography. Throughout this topic we will be learning about mountains, rocks, rivers, caves and volcanoes. We are aiming to consolidate this topic with a visit to Cuckmere Haven after half term.

To conclude the commission from National Geographic‘s Audrey Austen, the children will showcase their interactive books during a short fabulous-finish. This fabulous-finish session will take place at 2.45pm on Friday 9th February in your child’s classroom. We look forward to seeing you there!  

After half term, our topic will be ‘Disaster strikes!’ where the children will be in role as members of UN states, faced with rescuing and rebuilding a community after an earthquake. We will be building our own landscape, using the physical geography knowledge learnt in the first half term. This will then be destroyed by an earthquake and the children will learn about what is needed to survive and how to keep safe. They will become city planners, redesigning and rebuilding the city. 

Much of the work we plan to do in English will be linked to the topics we are studying, so that children are not only learning English skills, but are using them in context and with a purpose. Reading is an important part of this and we hope parents will support their children by ensuring that they read regularly at home and record their reading in their reading records.

In Maths year 4 are focusing on fractions, decimals and the main four operations.  Year 3 children will be focusing on time, fractions, reasoning and the main operations. Times tables form an important part of this and we hope parents will continue to help their children develop their recall of these through regular practice.

We are all looking forward to a very exciting spring term!

  Click here for this terms homework grid

Click here for this terms spelling grid 

Autumn term

Upstairs, Downstairs (The Victorians)

Image result for oliver twistA neighbour asks for our help! They have discovered an old, dusty letter from family with address torn out, only ‘Burgess Hill’ remains.

They have lost their local family history and they need us to investigate their family tree.
The person knows a few details about their family home, our job is to find the house on our local study walk. As part of our research, we are going to visit a local Victorian Manor house to find out what life was like back then.
During their visit to Preston manor, children will take on the role of servants. Children will begin by researching and writing a letter of application for a particular position within the Manor.
We will continue stepping into role to discover what life was like for people in the Victorian era. 

In the second half term we will be reading Oliver Twist as a whole class text to understand life of this young boy. We look at the questions:

What was life like for children? What was the workhouse? What were Victorian schools like? What are the differences between rich and poor families?

Click here to see our parent overview.


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Growth Mind-set

In the first two weeks of school we explore the book "I can't do this" where Fortitude reaches for the stars until one day a terrible thought threatens to topple his dreams. Luckily, as we read the book Fortitude discovers the power of "YET!" 

In the classroom we develop our growth mind-sets towards different areas of learning. We learn what to do when we get stuck on a piece of work, how our brains grow and the importance of making mistakes.

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What is a growth mind-set?

"It’s the belief that although we are born with a certain level of intelligence, we can develop it throughout our lives through effort, strategies, facing challenges and learning from our mistakes."

Click here if you would like more information about what growth mind-set means. 

Watch the video below to discover a secret about the brain.