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Year Five and Six

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Summer Term

World War Two

World War Two is a pivotal event in British and global history and affected many elements of our life today. In the Summer term the children will begin by looking at some key texts focused around world war one; Rose Blanche and Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and thinking about the life of the children in these stories during war time. In the second half of Summer term the children will take on the role of evacuees and write a diary detailing the key events in the war from their perspective.  

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Spring Term

Darwin's Delights

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection made us re-think our place in the world. In the second half of Spring term the children will be taking on the role of Charles Darwin and discovering a new species. Along their journey, they will find out about Charles Darwin and how his life-changing journey on the HMS Beagle changed our understanding of the world. They will discover how animals have adapted over time, what they inherit and relate this into the theory of human evolution. 

The children will be focusing on formal, scientific writing about their own species, using geography to plot Darwin's and their own journey, developing scientific understanding of evolution and using measure, angles and co-ordinates to create enclosures for their species and track their movement. 

This term Year 5 will also be participating in Opera Brava, we have Book Week (where we will be focusing on a text written by Mrs Lazell) and Shakespeare week. 

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I have a dream...

December 1st 1955: A woman has been arrested in Montgomery, Alabama. It is up to our team of experts to uncover exactly what happened and what has gone wrong. 

This term the children will explore the civil rights movement through the incredible lives of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and many others. They will then learn about discrimination and equality through poetry, drama, song and art before finally presenting their important findings to the school. 

The children will have lots of questions and will be relating their learning to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the world they see around them. Please encourage their reflections and thoughts by discussing questions such as 'What is fair?', 'Does equal mean the same?' and 'What responsibilities do we have to make our society more equal?'

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As part of our topic we will be cooking some delicious soul food. The recipe for our marvellous mac 'n' cheese can be found here.

Autumn Term

Brain Bootcamp

As the children enter a new school year, we will boost our brain power with a brain bootcamp. By exercising our learning muscles and developing a growth mindset, we can all become better learners. This is then followed by a survival week, where the children become shipwrecked on a desert island. They must use all their skills and problem solving abilities in order to survive. 

What did the Romans do for us?

Starting all the way back in 43AD, we will be exploring the truth behind this famous sketch. Who were the tribes in Britain and what was life like before the Roman invasion? What happened as a result of their colonisation? Were they terrible tyrants or benevolent benefitters? We will be exploring the concepts of bias, migration and history through re-enactments, interviews with famous leaders and the discovery of Roman treasures. 

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