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Year Three

Yearly overview 2017-18

Summer Term

Viking Workshop

Our topic began with a stunning start! We were visited by a Viking whose name was Bjorn! He wore traditional Viking clothing - a tunic, brown trousers, big leather boots, cloak, helmet. Bjorn told us old Viking myths and the children enjoyed dressing up to play the parts of Viking Gods.

As these Gods, some children wore faux animal skin for warmth, a leather cloak and a protective hat. They each had a sword that they named themselves. We sang songs about wars at sea and learnt chants to motivate our warriors.

The focus of our workshop was to learn all about Viking Gods. This is a summary that the children have written:

Thor: God of thunder and lightning, had a silver hammer which had magical powers, rode through the sky in a chariot.

Odin: powerful Viking God. Only had 1 eye because he gave one away! Had 2 ravens who kept him informed about what was happening in the 9 kingdoms of the Vikings.

Loki: A mischievous God that liked to play tricks on others!

Freya: Goddess of romance, love and beauty but also death and destruction.

A Myth that took their imagination was Thor and the lost Hammer.

Thor went out partying with Loki. Next morning his precious hammer was missing. He accused Loki of stealing it. He knew Loki liked Freya so he asked him to help him find it by using Freya’s wings to look into all the 9 kingdoms without being seen. Loki sees that the Frost Giant has the hammer and devises a trick.  He and Thor dress up as Freya and her servant to trick the giant. They pounce on him and steal the hammer, then kill everyone to scare people from stealing the hammer ever again.


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Looking ahead

Next half term we will be learning about plants. We would be grateful for any donations of the following: seeds, soil, small plant pots, children's gardening gloves.


Spring Term

Disaster Strikes!

Last Autumn, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean devastating islands and homes. Using our international contacts, we discovered how terrifying it was to be caught up in the devastation. Once we found out the extent of the damage, we knew we needed to help the people of Anguilla!

We watched videos and saw images of how Irma disrupted lives and destroyed homes. We were lucky enough to receive a real eye-witness account from a brave survivor, explaining the turmoil the hurricane left behind.

Year Three were determined to help! We know that Anguilla needs money to re-build homes and schools. With this in mind, we set up a very important meeting. Over the weeks, we put a persuasive argument together, asking Miss White whether we could hold a fundraising event at school, in hope that we could send our efforts to Adrian T Hazel School.

We developed our own energy bar recipe and pitched our idea to Miss White; we asked to borrow some petty cash for our ingredients and created presentations filled with persuasive language pleading for her permission. Thankfully our efforts paid off we are all very excited about our upcoming fundraiser on Monday 26th March at 2:30PM.

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Shaping The Earth 


At the beginning of our topic we were visited by National Geographic's Editor-in-Chief Audrey Austen. She challenged the children to create an interactive book to feature in her magazine. Throughout this topic we will be learning about mountains, rocks, rivers, caves and volcanoes.

Each week the children will be researching, planning and creating their own pages showcasing their creativity. To ensure our books are published on time we must make sure we stick to our strict deadlines! The children will take ownership over the editing process and they will make sure our work is up to the high standards set by National Geographic. 

We are aiming to consolidate this topic with a visit to Cuckmere Haven after half term.

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Autumn Term

Upstairs, Downstairs

Preston Manor

We travelled back in time when we visited Preston Manor as hopeful employees. We had received a letter explaining that Mrs Storey was looking for new staff to help with the running of the manor. After writing letters of application for a variety of posts, we were invited to attend an interview day. Upon arrival we were greeted by Mrs Storey herself who took us through our paces through the day. It was a long and tiring experience!! The children wrote in role recounting their experiences of their time at Preston Manor.

Oliver Twist

Throughout this term, the children have been immersed into the world of Charles Dickens through the story of Oliver Twist. We have been reading, discussing and reanimating important chapters of this famous book - we have become excellent pick-pocketers!!

Fact Finding

The Victorian topic has really captured the children's interest and has enabled them to become excellent researchers. We have explored many areas of Victorian life and historical figures, including Queen Victoria herself.

Victorian Art

The children have amazed us with how well they have adapted their skills to match those of famous Victorian artists. We have learnt about William Morris and his influence on the Victorian art scene, we were so proud of our work that we shared it with our key stage during assembly. We are looking forward to sharing these with you at our Christmas market fabulous finish!


Growth Mind-Set

The first two weeks of term have been dedicated to exploring our growth mind-set. We have been exploring how we face challenging situations when we are learning new things.

The book ‘Flight School’ by Lita Judge helped us think about who can help us when we feel like we are in ‘the panic zone’. With perseverance, determination, encouragement and practise Penguin finally takes his first flight (with plenty of help and support!) into ‘the stretch zone’.


With this accomplishment in mind, the children created their own ‘Challenge Mountains’ where they thought of situations where they had been challenged themselves and described the steps they took to achieve success.


We wrapped up growth mind-set week by watching an inspirational video, where the main characters had a big challenge ahead of them. It was Year Three's job to use their growth mind-sets to steer the ending of the story. Please ask your child how they ended the story.


Throughout the year, we will be exploring and using our mind muscles. Listen out for our growth mind-set characters that will help us achieve great things in our learning zones.