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Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA)

We are very proud to be a Level One Rights Respecting School. This is a national award that encourages schools to put the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of their practice.

The award teaches children about their rights, and helps them to understand that globally all children have these rights. Alongside this, children learn that they and adults have a responsibility to uphold their rights and those of others.

We began our journey by setting up a steering group meeting monthly to discuss various topics and this has developed into our Kite Council (school council). We have also looked at the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and explored the fact that needs link with rights, and not wants.

We have spent a lot of time talking to both the staff and the children about some of the key articles (rights) from the convention that we feel are most relevant to us in school. We chose 6 rights that we feel are most relevant to our school. This has helped contribute to class charters and lunchtime and playground charters.

Our 6 rights:

  • Article 19: You should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe
  • Article 31: Your right to relax and play, Article 15: Your right to meet with friends and join groups and clubs (these rights are combined on our charters)
  • Article 28: Your right to learn and go to school
  • Article 12: Your right to say what you think should happen and be listened to
  • Article 6: Your right to life and be healthy
  • Article 29: Your right to become the best you can be

We are now working on ensuring that children and adults know about all the rights on the convention and are looking at Global Citizenship. 

Kite Council Meetings

January 2017

Summary from the Communication Ambassadors.

During the meeting we discussed ‘Spot the Right’, the Anti-Bullying Policy and Locker Area Charter.  The Ambassadors updated on their areas and duties. Several items were discussed  in AOB, such as the lunchtime charter, the quiet area and the idea of a talent show for ‘Being the Best we can Be’.

Please see minutes for more details

November 2016

Summary from the Communication Ambassadors.

The new Kite Councillors were welcomed and asked to give their class’s feedback on our recent Global Week, which had focused on local and global poverty. The Curriculum Ambassadors launched Spot the Right and the other Ambassadors updated on their areas.

Please see minutes for more details

April 2016

During this meeting we reflected on our Global Day at the end of last term and every class shared their thoughts on what they did and what they enjoyed. We also discussed what should go in the letter to nurseries and some classes had written model letters. Mrs Williamson and Mrs Greenfield are now using our ideas to write to all the local nurseries, we are looking forward to hearing the response. 

We have also been recruiting Rights Respecting Ambassadors. These will be a core group of 12 who will each have different responsibilities throughout the school, for example two will look at displays, 2 will look at charters and 2 will look at writing child friendly policies. This opportunity was open to Years 4 and 5 and we had to apply if we wanted to take this new role on.

Next month we will be discussing all the different Articles from the convention and how we can ensure we are representing them on our displays and referring to them during our learning at all times. How could we do this? 


March 2016

We were delighted to meet our new Kite Councillors and welcomed our new parent member. All the classes had been busy thinking about their Global Day and had some exciting ideas as to what they would like to learn about. Some of these included: ways to save water, fair trade and saving animals. We are very much looking forward to our Global Day at the end of the month and have set up jars to collect change and are busy planning our activities. 

For the next meeting we have been set the challenge to discuss what we could write in a letter to local nurseries to encourage them to become Rights Respecting Establishments and how this may benefit them. 


January 2016

The Kite Councillors decided that we needed a charter for assemblies, they discussed which articles from the UNCRC are relevant and how they would respect these rights. They also begun to think about how the adults, as duty bearers, would ensure all children had access to and respected their rights during assemblies. 


Presentations by Year 6 children, as part of the Friday Kite Assembly

Each week, 2 Year 6 children volunteer to choose, research and present a current story in the news, with the help of Mrs Williamson. Whilst thinking about the news story, the children consider the relevance of the 42 Articles in the Unicef Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The idea of the presentations is to further raise the awareness of all our children and to further develop their enquiring minds.


Safer Internet Day 2017 - 'The right to be kept safe'

On Tuesday, 7th February 2017 Birchwood Grove celebrated Safer Internet Day, in which the theme for this year was Be The Change: Unite for a better internet. The children were learning about the importance of keeping themselves safe online and thinking of practical ways to do so.  We thought that this day helped us to understand and respect the right to be safe, the right to information and the right to privacy.

Key Stage One looked at the book ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision’, focusing on the impact that their use of the internet has on others. They also discussed what they would do if something or someone upset them online, and decided that telling an adult would be an important step to keep them safe.

In Key Stage Two the children spent the day thinking about the benefits that they gain from using the internet as well as the potential dangers and how best to avoid these. They were busy watching informative videos, completing quizzes and making pretend profiles containing only safe information to share.

Everybody in the school also united for a better internet by creating ‘smiles’ at home that were then put on display in the hall for all to see. We decided as a school that they should use the internet to make people smile! Don’t forget to check out the gallery for pictures of this amazing display.

We also came together at the end of the day to celebrate the work that everybody had done and created our very own ‘Flash Mob’ to the song ‘Be The Change’. Each year group had a part of the same song to dance to and created a brilliant Mexican wave style dance; be sure to check out the video below by clicking on the play button!

On Thursday evening the school hosted an Online Safety Information Evening for parents and carers, hosted by PC Broad. This evening was very well received by all and was found to be very informative and eye opening.

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Click the play button to download the video. 

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Day For Change


On Wednesday 23rd March Birchwood Grove took part in it's first 'Global Day' and it's second UNICEF Day for Change. It was a fantastic day. Each year group took one of the Sustainable Development Goals and completed various activities to further their understanding of global issues and what role they may play in building a sustainable future. We also spent a month collecting change and placed it on a world map during our Global Day, the money was then sent off to UNICEF. We were very proud to have raised £473.54. 

Overview of Global Day


On Friday 6th February Birchwood Grove took part in it's first UNICEF’S Day for Change. It was a really successful day to raise awareness of natural disasters and the impact they can have on children around the world. The day began with an assembly where we found out that floods were appearing all over England. We used Mantle of the Expert to imagine that we were responsible for planning, organising and carrying out a rescue mission to help all those caught up in the floods. In the afternoon we split into groups across the whole school. Through activities, which included raft making, shelter building, creating stop motion animations, working in an advice centre and creating waterproof ponchos from old plastic bags, we were able to complete the mission.

Here are some of our thoughts from the day:

“I thought the day helped me to understand about how some people live and it showed me how I can help” (Year 5)

“I enjoyed helping a little girl because her house was flooded. I made a little invention for her to help get the water out of her house” (Year R)

“Floods are dangerous because they can fill streets and kill people and cause damage” (Year 1)

 “I really enjoyed the celebration assembly at the end of the day because it was fun to see what the other children were doing. I also enjoyed working with the younger children” (Year 6)

“I liked how we got to work with children in different year groups and got to do fun activities with a bit of learning” (Year 6)

“I liked it because it taught us what other children have witnessed all around the world” (Year 6)

“I thought the celebrating assembly was excellent because you got to see what people had been doing to help people who were experiencing natural disasters” (Year 6)

“It was really fun learning about what it’s like in a flood” (Year 1)

If you would like to find out more information about the Day for Change please click here.


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