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Summer Term

If you go down to the woods today

Once upon a time… Reception started an exciting new topic all about Fairy Tales. We have been learning about lots of different Fairy Tales, both old and new. We started by looking at the newer Fairy Tale ‘The Gruffalo’. We dressed in our smartest clothes and visited ‘The Birchwood Grove Theatre’ to watch The Gruffalo, which was fantastic! We then made our own role play theatres where we have been putting on our own theatre shows. We have also been looking at the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and helping the goats to find the troll by making ‘Missing!’ posters.

We are looking forward to learning more about different Fairy Tales, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where we get to find out which porridge is ‘just right’ for us! Soon we will be writing our own Fairy Tales once we have designed a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ character. Our topic will have a very ‘happily ever after’ at our book launch, where our lucky parents and carers will be able to read our stories hot off the press, and marvel at our clay model creations of our characters.

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Spring Term

All Aboard!

Everybody ready… then off we go! We set off on another exciting topic adventure with ‘All Aboard’, learning all about different transport. We were visited by The Mayor of Birchtown who had a problem; he had no transport in his town! We started to find out about the different vehicles that he would need in his town. We found out what vehicles we have in our town by carrying out a traffic survey of a nearby road. We saw lots of cars, buses, vans, lorries and even some motorbikes.

We have also had some exciting visitors during this topic from different vehicles that help us, and the people that drive them. First we were visited by a police officer who brought his big police car to show us; the sirens were so noisy! Then a fire engine came with its team of people to show us what the amazing vehicle can do in an emergency. We were also visited by a train driver who explained the important job that she does and we asked her lots of questions! We loved finding out so much information about these vehicles from the people that use them every day.

We are going to tell the Mayor of Birchtown about all of these different vehicles when he comes back to visit us soon; we are even going to make him his very own non-fiction book so he can find out lots of information. We have also made safety videos using stop-motion animation which will help the people of Birchtown know how to stay safe around all of their new transport vehicles.

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Twinkle Twinkle

3,2,1… BLAST OFF!!!! We launched into our Twinkle Twinkle topic with a very exciting discovery- a fallen star! We didn’t know what to do with it! Luckily, a NASA scientist contacted us and we started our first Mantle by taking on the role of NASA experts. We have been doing lots of research to find out information about space using non-fiction books and LearnPads, and we have been thinking of ways that we can send the fallen star back into space. We created a role play rocket and have made our own rockets using junk modelling.

We have also read some great fiction stories about space, such as ‘Whatever next?’ We used Baby Bear’s recipe to make biscuits and we even got to enjoy them... on the moon!  We planned our mission into space to return the fallen star and went on an exciting adventure. We got to see amazing stars and planets when we were there. It was out of this world!

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a new topic in Reception! We had a very exciting visitor get our Superheroes topic off to a flying start. We followed mysterious clues around the school and found Spiderman! He told us that we would start our Superhero Training and that he would be sending us challenges throughout our topic to see if we have what it takes to be superheroes!

We have been busy ordering numbers as quick as lightning, designing our own superheroes and making giant superheroes to fly around our classroom! We even made Super Smoothies using lots of different healthy fruits. We’re looking forward to graduating from Superhero Training School, when we get the chance to dress up as superheroes and get our Superhero Training certificate from Spiderman!

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Autumn and Celebrations

The leaves are falling and the weather is getting colder- it must be autumn! We have been learning lots about this season, and have done some great activities. We went on an autumn hunt around the school grounds to search for the signs of autumn. We saw so many lovely colours on the trees where the leaves had changed colour and had started to fall.

We have also been learning about the different celebrations that happen in autumn, including Bonfire Night and Halloween. We also learnt about St Martin, which is celebrated in Germany. We made our own lanterns, like the children in Germany would do, and went on a lantern walk.

As autumn draws to an end and we head into winter, we have been learning lots about the celebration of Christmas. We have even acted out the story of the first Christmas in our very own Nativity show! We had so much fun and were very brave, singing and speaking on stage to the rest of the school and our parents.

What a busy first term! We can’t wait for the next one!

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We Belong

September is here and what an exciting time it is in Reception! Everybody has the new uniforms, new shoes and is ready to start school. We have been very busy making lots of new friends in Rainbows and Butterflies class. We have been doing such a great job of settling into the new routines in the classroom, on the playground and when we have our yummy lunches in the hall. We love listening to stories on the carpet and getting to know our new teachers. We have also learnt lots about each other and have been talking about our families, friends and the clubs that we attend. We are so proud to belong to Birchwood Grove. School is fantastic!

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