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Kanubeh Nursery School

Following delivery of furniture and resources from our old school building in 2009, a strong friendship has developed between Birchwood Grove and a new school in The Gambia. Villagers in Kanubeh village decided they wanted to provide education for their young children and, with support from the Gambia Upcountry Development Charity, a new building was constructed and filled with the new furniture.

Soon there were over 100 children registered, kitted out in uniform and three teachers appointed. The school day runs from 9.00am until 1pm and the children have a simple lunch offered for a few pence.

In January 2013, two teachers from Birchwood Grove School travelled to The Gambia to further support the development of the new school and build further links, enriching the education of all pupils at both schools.

During their stay, our staff worked with the School Committee and teachers to develop aims for each year group, planning for a range of activities which promoted active learning and behaviour management strategies which are wholly positive. These ideas were welcomed and accepted.

Pupils at Birchwood Grove have learned about the way children in remote places of The Gambia live; their homes, diet and daily lives. They have considered the similarities and differences between them and have shown interest and empathy for children the same age as themselves living in an area with very few resources.

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