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Trials for the school cross country team take place in the weeks leading up to half term in the Autumn term.  From the initial trials, 20 lucky boys and 20 lucky girls are selected, based on performance, to be part of the running squad.  Training takes place three to four times a week, in all weathers, over a 1.2km course.  At the culmination of the training the top ten boys and eight girls will be selected to take part in the Mid-Sussex finals at Warden Park school. This brings together all of the schools in the Mid-Sussex area in a celebration of cross country running.

We are extremely proud that 4 of our cross country squad finished in the top 25 at the Mid Sussex Cross-Country- well done to Jack, Grace, Annabel and Ruby! This means these four went through to the next round against other schools across Sussex. These children carried on to train themselves and showcase their commitment. They all tried extremely hard and Annabel managed to gain a position in the next round at the regional finals- Congratulations Annabel!


Cross Country Fixtures 2017

Cross Country Practices 2017

Cross Country Squad List 2017

Year 3 and 4 Cross Country Competition October 2017


Mid-Sussex Cross-country at Warden Park 2016

Ten boys and eight girls represented Birchwood Grove and took part in the Mid-Sussex Cross-country finals at Warden Park school on Saturday 3rd December 2016. Both teams worked incredibly hard to achieve fourth place (girls) and eighth place (boys) out of all the schools that took part.  We were extremely proud of Laura Cooper and Elliot Rhys-Williams for being in the top 25 runners.

They both continued onto the next stage of the competition in the Spring term and competed, as part of a Mid-Sussex team, on Wednesday 18th January. Congratulations to both of them for representing Birchwood Grove and running their best. 


Year 3/4 Cross Country competition (October 2016)

On Thursday 13th October 2016 six boys and six girls got the opportunity to go to Harlands and take part in the Year 3/4 Mid Sussex Cross Country Competition. All twelve of Birchwood Grove's competitors ran well and took part confidently showing their stamina and endurance. 

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