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Basketball club is currently run by Mr Williams on a Tuesday morning between 8.15 and 8.45 for years 3-6.

As well as training, the school plays matches against other local schools and takes part in the Mid-Sussex basketball tournaments for established (A) and emerging (B) teams.  

The established (A) team took part in the Mid-Sussex basketball tournament at Warden Park on 10th February 2016. We played in group A against Lindfield, Harlands and London Meed. We came on top of this group and went onto the final to play St Wilfred's A team. This was a close match that ended 10-8 to St Wilfred's. Birchwood Grove A team came second in the 2016 Established Mid-Sussex tournament. 

Basketball A Team at Warden Park (7 images)

The Basketball A Team took part in the established tournament at Warden Park on 10th February 2016. They got to the final where they needed to play St Wilfred's. Birchwood Grove came second in the 2016 Mid-Sussex tournament.

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Basketball B Team at Oakmeeds (2 images)

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Basketball Match Away Manor Field 2016 (57 images)

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Basketball Worthing Thunder 2014 (9 images)

Birchwood Grove finish unbeaten at the 2014 Worthing Thunder primary schools tournament

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Match Reports

Birchwood Grove 'A' Team vs Manor Field 'A' Team